Polynomial Regression

Predict customers and protect everyone's health.

For the Community

Following the outbreak of the coronavirus, many businesses have suffered from lack of customers; the amount of money being spent on property has been high compared to the money being earned. To fix this issue, Spero offers a prediction model to help businesses adjust to the current situation.


Predictions for Customers

By logging their number of daily customers on Spero's polynomial regression model, small business owners can predict how many people they expect to see in the future. With their prediction, the users can adjust their supply of products correspondingly; both money and time would be saved when companies are able to prepare according to the information given in the polynomial regression model.

Social Distancing

To ensure safety within the business premises, customers must maintain a six-feet distance between each other. When a user enters the square footage of a building into Spero's form, the maximum number of people allowed to fit in while maintaing distancing will be outputted.



Above is a sample of the Polynomial Regression Model that is going to take in 8 weeks of data. Once the data is taken in, the algorithms creates an interactive graph which highlights the number of customers that a business may encounter at a certain time. The model uses 8 weeks of new/repeated data for maximum accuracy and is fully interactive/scalable. The amount of data entered will provide a model for businesses to predict the amount of supplies needed and the number of employees for that day, as well as keeping the maximum amount of people safe.