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A Database to prevent any overcrowding and spread of COVID-19

For the Community

Following the outbreak of the coronavirus, many businesses have suffered from lack of customers; the amount of money being spent on property has been high compared to the money being earned. To fix this issue, Spero offers a prediction model to help businesses adjust to the current situation.


Organizing the number of appointments

To be aware of and prepare for your number of visitors by day, Spero offers a survey for potential customers to fill out. Upon opening the form, customers will be able to choose a time slot in which they are expecting to arrive. The inputs from your customers will then be stored in a database. Being able to see how many people have chosen each time slot will not only prevent overcrowding but also maintain social distancing and protect more people from getting infected by the coronavirus.

On the Polynomial Regression Model tab of this website, you were given the chance the calculate the safe maximum number of people allowed depending on the square footage of your building. If you notice that customers have exceeded the population allowed in a time slot, you can email and notify them in advance,saying that it would be safer to come at another available time.

Database not included in repl.it version