Predict customers and protect everyone's health.

For the Community

Following the outbreak of the coronavirus, many businesses have suffered from lack of customers; the amount of money being spent on property has been high compared to the money being earned. To fix this issue, Spero offers a prediction model to help businesses adjust to the current situation.


Adjusting to a state's rules

Each state has its own precautions to ensure the safety of its citizens. Spero presents a quick and easy way to be updated on your state's latest news and regulations. To access the rules in a certain area, all you need to do is enter in your name, state, field of service, and how large your building. You may revisit the survey however many times you wish to be up-to-date on your current situation. Spero's survey will give an output that provides tips and rules to keep your business safe and free of coronavirus.

Gathering information from an eclectic mix of sources including current research from government websites, rest be assured that you will receive accurate, beneficial advice from Spero. Using the responses given to you will give you more knowledge in cleaning/managing your business.