Aiding businesses with adjusting to COVID orders

Polynomial Regression Model

This function predicts future number of customers by taking input from previous days.


After entering the state/region the user lives in, the respective rules and regulations will be provided.

Time Slot
Sign Up

This organizational tool logs how many people have signed up to arrive at a certain time.

What is SPERO

A developed resource for businesses to promote safety.

The problem

The coronavirus has left many people feeling too cautious to leave their homes. This has made local buildings suffer from an impactful loss of clients. In addition, many small businesses find it hard to follow all regulations and ensure safety for not only the customers, but also their workers. With Spero, businesses can ensure safety for their customers/workers.

our goal

We, Team MARS, aim to help small companies flourish by providing updated safety guidelines per state and making sure both the customers and owners feel secure. We provide Regression models to help the store owners prepare for the influx of each day's customers and we also provide a sign up database to prevent overflow.

How Spero helps?

Most, if not all, of us wish for the world to go back to its original, covid-free state. The end of the coronavirus will not happen in an istant, of course, but we can make it through together by remembering to follow the safety procedures while carrying out our somewhat-normal lives. Spero offers help to small business companies who are struggling to obtain customers. With updated rules and regulations being easily accessible, safety will be granted to those who are afraid their businesses are in danger from covid.

Spero Resources, Explained

The links below are important and helpful resources that can be utilized during this time period. From how to cope with mental health issues, to how to keep safe during these times, these links cover many helpful topics.

General Health Awareness